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TALO® WebSangha - Online-Community

Free guided meditations for everybody every Saturday (live!).
Beginners welcome!
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TALO® Academy: Learn
transformative meditation

A free basic course, a complete introductory course, topic related webinars and much more.
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Walking Meditation:
Aware everywhere

An ancient buddhist practice
helps to keep your mindfulness alive. Always and everywhere.


The three special characteristics of TALO® Meditation:

1. Systematic Learning

Meditation should be taught and learnt systematically. Only in this way there is a high probability that meditation really becomes a part of your day and your life.

In the TALO® Meditation Academy you can learn meditation systematically and develop your personal daily meditation practice step-by-step.


2. Emotional Transformation

TALO® Meditation does not take care only of your mind and does not consider emotions only as "mental formations".

TALO® offers a variety of visualised meditations which can help you to transform fear, anger, sadness or loneliness into joy through loving acceptance. And this is possible both with current emotions as well as with old emotional baggage from your past.


3. Buddha yes - Buddhists no

One of the two parts of TALO® Meditation is mostly based on meditation techniques coming from the buddhist traditions Zen Rinzai and Vipassana - but we are NOT Buddhists.

We are western people and every "-ism" presents the risk of ideology. Organised religion has created a lot of suffering throughout human history. The time has come for awakening and liberation also without churches and organised religion.